New for Agriculture: Sato PRO 730

Introducing the Sato PRO 730! This work light is part of our Sato PRO range, developed with agriculture in mind. The Sato PRO range is an excellent fit for several different vehicles you’ll find in an agricultural setting, including but not limited to harvesters of all sizes, crop sprayers, and tractors. The lights in this range are designed with a color temperature of 5000 Kelvin and feature a CRI (Color Rendering Index) value equal to or more than 80. They provide illumination similar to daylight, meaning that colors will look natural and you will easily be able to distinguish all the details out on the fields.

The newest addition, the 3000-lumen Sato PRO 730, has a glass lens for chemical resistance, and is ECE R10-approved, meaning that it won’t cause electrical interference.

The Sato PRO 730 is available as a regular verison, a top-down version, as well as a snap-in version.



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