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A Glare-free work environment

Traditional work lights can cause visibility issues and dangerous situations due to glare. Both on-foot personnel and vehicle operators are affected by these. The safety risks associated with blinding lights may lead to costly mistakes and delays, directly impacting the success of your operations.

Illuminate your operations with No Glare

To address these issues head-on and enhance the safety and productivity of your work site, we developed a Glare-free optical solution engineered to eliminate glare. Our goal is to provide a lighting solution that directly tackles the challenges faced on construction sites, ensuring that operations run smoothly and safely. This translates to fewer accidents, less downtime, and a more efficient workflow.

Watch it in action

Anti-glare technology for work lights

To create a glare-free work environment, we recommend the Canis PRO 415 PH and Scorpius PRO 415 PH. They are designed to offer bright and effective illumination without causing glare. Featuring a clear cut-off-line, the light eliminates glare on eye-level and provides excellent illumination of the work area. The non-blinding effect is also clearly noticeable through mirrors and cameras, providing a safe work environment both for operators and on-foot personnel. These work lights feature no stray light, meaning that the illumination is focused on the work area, optimizing lumen output and power consumption.

Safety through mirrors and cameras

Our glare-free lights do not only provide a glare-free work environment from the operator’s point of view – they also make for safe and easy maneuvering through mirrors and cameras. Unlike regular work lights, they do not blind the observer when looked at through mirrors, nor do they cause uncontrollable reflections from reflective, high-visibility materials when looked at through cameras. Check the comparison below.

Generic work lights

Glare-free lights


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Level up your worksite lighting

Our glare-free lights go beyond work lighting — they also serve as exceptional service lights for maintenance tasks on machinery or for safely navigating on and around large vehicles.

The glare-free lights boost productivity, increase safety and contribute positively to the success of your operations.

Scorpius PRO 415 PH


Canis PRO 415 PH


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