FAQ | Quality

The lamp production date is located on the product label.

Our lamps are proven to perform reliably in the most demanding of environments all over the world! This is reflected by our continuously high supplier quality ratings, customer feedback, repeat business, & very low customer returns.

Our comprehensive warranty provides peace of mind that your lamps will continue working for many years without issues.

We are an approved & preferred supplier to many of the world´s leading manufacturers of heavy duty machinery.

We only use the highest quality components from the most reputable & approved suppliers.

Our extensive state-of-the-art in-house testing laboratory ensures we can continually & repeatedly confirm the quality, reliability & performance of our designs.

Every production lamp is functionally checked and operationally tested for over 10-hours prior to being shipped.

We outperform our competitors by applying the latest & best available technology along with outstanding customer service provided by our well trained, experienced & dedicated personnel.

Our team has extensive combined knowledge & experience, not only from all areas of the lighting industry (from light sources & lamps through to optics, electronics & control systems), but also from the industries where our lamps are intended for use. This ensures we really know & understand the requirements for light in all its applications. We can help you in a vast range of topics: simulation (light and 3D modelling), optimal positioning of lamp on vehicle, standardizing how much light is needed in different areas, recommend suitable lights, customize lights, studying the vehicle in the terrain, comprehensive testing facilities, as well as with knowledge of regulations.

We can offer tailor-made solutions to ensure you get the best product for your application. Combinations of different light patterns, brackets, vibration dampeners & cable connections can be applied to optimize a lamp for different applications & a specific set of conditions.

Our processes are approved to ISO9001, ISO14001 & we utilise six-sigma & Lean methodologies.

All our lamp designs are exposed to extensive testing before being approved. These tests include: Lumen output & light distribution, vibration and shock, dust & humidity, exposure to heat & cold, thermal cycling, thermal protection, electro-magnetic compatibility, full functionality, abnormal conditions, chemical resistance, & usability.

Before delivery, every single production lamp is subjected to full functional testing and is also operated for a minimum of 10 hours to ensure any possible early life faults are identified.