Work Lights for Material Handling - NORDIC LIGHTS®
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We develop and design work lights that meet the safety needs of the material handling industry. Our material handling work lights feature voltage ranges suitable specifically for this sector.

Material Handling

Material handling requires everything to be in its proper place – nothing should be lost on the way. In tight spaces you need to allow for roughness along the edges and the odd bump in the corners.

Whether your equipment is big or small, the NORDIC LIGHTS® material handling work lights and headlights will stand the test. For material handling we provide energy efficient heavy-duty lighting solutions and work lights designed especially for your safety needs and work environment.

For material handling we recommend work lights in our PRO series, “The Heavy-Duty Champion” and in our Safety lights series. In the table below you can see which material handling lights we recommend for various types of material handling vehicles.

Container Crane
Dockyard Crane
Fork Lift Truck
Rubber-tyre Gantry Crane (RTG)
Harbour / Port Crane
Reach Stacker
Straddle Carrier
Tow Tractor
Tele Handler
Truck Mounted Crane

These recommendations are intended to provide guidance to assist in the selection of the most suitable NORDIC LIGHTS® LED work light range for your application. It is by no means comprehensive or limiting. Alternatives may be available. If in doubt, please consult with your local NORDIC LIGHTS® representative for more information. Not all products are available in all markets. Illustrations do not necessarily show the design of every version.