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Superdamp, HD and Xtreme

During the late 1980’s, only halogen works lights were used within the heavy-duty industry field. As they did not withstand vibrations very well, a new solution was high in demand. The research and development team at Herrmans Ltd.’s Nordic Lights unit set out to solve the problem and came up with a brilliant solution with a protective rubber unit surrounding the light unit and the housing of the light. The patented Superdamp system was unique at that point in time and utilized in extremely demanding working conditions. This innovation was the first one sold to Caterpillar and it laid the foundation for the vibration technology know-how NORDIC LIGHTS® is now well-known for.

As breakthrough lighting technologies emerged, Nordic Lights strategy was to develop the most efficient and durable work lights in the world. This meant that there could be no weak spots in the products, and the company endeavoured to gain top-notch knowledge not only in vibration technology, but also in optics and lighting technology. From the Superdamp solution the Nordic Lights R&D team moved on to developing the Heavy Duty Anti-Vibration Dampening system, the Xtreme Dampening system and the QUAKE dampening system. These innovations represent important steps in the development of the NORDIC LIGHTS® product range.