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We design custom-made work lights that meet the broad technical requirements of the agricultural sector, while respecting trends and design aesthetics of the field.


Agriculture is an evolution – a never-ending process of improving your operations and the yields of the land. Helping you to maintain high operational productivity and safety in different weather conditions and during dark hours is the main mission for NORDIC LIGHTS®.

Trendspotting and collaboration with our partners in the agricultural industry allows us to design customized agricultural LED work lights and headlights specifically for the industry. We realise the importance of reliable heavy-duty lighting on all of your agricultural equipment, and thanks to our extensive product range we’ve got you covered.

For agriculture we recommend the work lights in our GO series, “The Step-It-Up Series”. They are a perfect fit for agricultural tasks and come in three different shapes: square, round, and oval. The light output is between 1000 and 2300 lumens, depending on the model. The GO Series lights are all dimmable, enabling you to customize the amount of emitted light to your liking. They also handle tough conditions and intense vibrations with ease.

Own a tractor? Have a look at our recommendations for tractor lights.

In case you’re looking for a blue LED boom light, check out the Scorpius 400 Blue, our long-range led crop sprayer boom light with excellent chemical resistance.

Scorpius GO


Canis GO


Sato GO




Downloadable Light Optimization Guides

Download a free light optimization guide for LED tractor lights. The guide contain simulation comparisons of different light setups, light recommendations and upgrade packages.

Work Lights for Agriculture

In the table below you can see which LED agricultural work lights we recommend for various types of agricultural vehicles.

Bean Harvester
Beet Harvester
Combine Harvester
Crop Sprayer
Forage Harvester
Pea Harvester
Potato Harvester
Rape Swather
Slurry Spreader

These recommendations are intended to provide guidance to assist in the selection of the most suitable NORDIC LIGHTS® LED work light range for your application. It is by no means comprehensive or limiting. Alternatives may be available. If in doubt, please consult with your local NORDIC LIGHTS® representative for more information. Not all products are available in all markets. Illustrations do not necessarily show the design of every version.