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Nothing is too hard for us. We deliver durable construction work lights for all machine types, ranging from small skid steer loaders to massive mobile cranes.


Construction is a challenge – whether it is meeting a project deadline or moving an obstacle standing in the way of the new structure. We began our work in the construction industry in the early 1990’s. Since then we have successfully been delivering LED construction work lights for all kinds of construction vehicles. We have the perfect construction light solution, no matter if you’re in need of focused illumination of the vehicle’s work area or of wide illumination of the work ground.

For construction we recommend LED construction lights in our XTR series, “The Unbreakable Master” and in our PRO series, “The Heavy-Duty Champion”.



Scorpius XTR


Scorpius PRO




Canis PRO


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Downloadable Light Optimization Guides

We have free downloadable light optimization guides for bulldozers, wheel loaders and excavators. The guides contain simulation comparisons of different light setups. Download the guides for free!

In the table below you can see which construction LED lights we recommend for various types of construction vehicles.

Articulated-Truck Articulated Truck
Asphalt Track Paver
Wheel Loader
Bulldozer / Track Dozer
Compactor / Road Roller
Lighting Mast
Mobile Crane
Motor Grader / Scraper
Pile Driver
Skid Steer Loader
Tele Handler
Tower Crane

These recommendations are intended to provide guidance to assist in the selection of the most suitable NORDIC LIGHTS® LED work light range for your application. It is by no means comprehensive or limiting. Alternatives may be available. If in doubt, please consult with your local NORDIC LIGHTS® representative for more information. Not all products are available in all markets. Illustrations do not necessarily show the design of every version.

Construction Lights Questions and Answers

What are the best construction LED work lights for my vehicle?

Have a look at our individual vehicle-based light optimization guides for all the latest on this subject!

What are the benefits of LED construction vehicle lights versus halogen lights?

LED lights are the superior choice when fitting vehicles with an optimal and balanced lighting setup. They have a close to perfect CRI (≥80), long lifetime (up to 100x longer than halogen), extremely high efficiency, no maintenance costs, and almost no heat radiation compared to halogen lights.

Are NORDIC LIGHTS® construction equipment lighting suitable for extreme conditions?

Yes. Take a look at our XTR lights for the most durable construction work lights on the market!