OEM Capabilities

OEM Capabilities

It’s all about teamwork.

Nordic Lights works closely with each individual customer to take your needs, expertise and input into account. We then combine this with our extensive knowledge and OEM capabilities to apply the best solution to help you succeed in your business goals. We firmly believe that both parties benefit from this partnership.

We have become the preferred partner for several on- and off-road vehicle manufacturers. We are proud to announce that our work lights are created in cooperation with industry leaders like Caterpillar, Liebherr, Sandvik and Komatsu.

We believe that our success isn’t derived from only one factor, but is the sum of many things we’ve done right over the years. We base our achievement and our vast OEM capabilities  on the following core values:

In-depth lighting technology know-how

NORDIC LIGHTS® has years of experience in developing and manufacturing durable work lights for heavy-duty vehicles. We have our own in-house R&D department, modern light and testing labs, and also the latest in simulation software, which enables us to design and develop products according to our standards. We have the best product developers and engineers, who are constantly creating new and innovative world-class lighting solutions. To supply you with exactly the right product, we provide services like light and 3D simulations, optimal positioning of light and give recommendations for light volume and suitable work lights.


We believe in possessing a curious and open mindset. This attitude fosters a culture where people are respected and encouraged to boldly exchange ideas and work together on groundbreaking innovations. It’s ok to make mistakes, and in fact, there are no mistakes, only lessons to be learned.


We are not based in a fast-paced metropole, but on the beautiful West coast of Finland. The rolling sea, long winters, endless forests and country roads have taught us what it means to be flexible. Our priority is to meet the needs of every customer, and of a changing world.

Custom-made solutions

We delight in creating custom-made solutions together with our clients, and take pride in being flexible, innovative and effective in our work. Thanks to our engineering capabilities, we can design unique, customized work lights according to your requirements.

Straightforward and functional way of working

We strive for operational excellence. For almost a decade we have utilized Lean Six Sigma methods in our way of working, and our manufacturing processes have taken inspiration from the global tech leaders, thus offering one of the leanest production chains in our branch of business.

Quality thinking

We take great pride in the fact that all our product series go through extensive testing. The failure rate of our production is very low. We always strive for premium products and zero defects. We give our customers the best that we have.

Continuous development

Stagnation is a big no-no at NORDIC LIGHTS®. We always remain a step ahead and continue to challenge ourselves to think of ways we could improve our way of doing business.

Service minded

We believe in being agile and service-minded towards our customers and take pride in making it easy and pleasant for our customers to work with us.

Global mindset

The West Coast of Finland has always been about export and adapting to the world outside of its borders. We are curious and open to new ideas and see the global market as our work-field.


Finns are well-known for being extremely tenacious and trustworthy. When you do business with us, you can rest assured that our talk and actions go hand in hand. You can trust our efficient production and keep a smaller stock with our just-in-time deliveries.

Key processes hand-in-hand

We believe that it is in our customers best interest that we both design and produce the products ourselves, according to our high standards. With R&D, state-of-the-art laboratories and manufacturing all at the same factory grounds, it is easy to ensure that our products are robust and strong when they leave our hands.


We take pride in our fast delivery and efficient work-ethic, and we are constantly improving our machinery to function in the most cost-effective way. We serve the global market happily and our products are in your hands in good time. We are EDI capable for both sending and receiving EDI transactions. Our EDI solution is a fully integrated module of our ERP software, minimizing manual handling of the data.