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We possess an extensive knowledge of heavy-duty lighting and vibration technology, gained from creating work lights for the demanding mining industry since 1992.


Mining is a 24/7 business – from dawn to dusk and everything in between. Designing mining work lights is NORDIC LIGHTS® core business and our back yard. The long-term proof of NORDIC LIGHTS® success within the mining industry is based on the durability of the mining work lights and headlights.

Long-term collaboration with our partners in the mining industry and continuous strategic investments in our own R&D department, vibration testing lab, and the latest in simulation software gives us the power to design the perfect heavy-duty lighting solution for you.

For mining we recommend products in our XTR series, “The Unbreakable Master”.

For more tips and recommendations about LED mining lights for specific vehicles, view also our tech talks about LED dump truck lights, load haul dump lights and wheel loader lights.

Scorpius XTR


Taurus N7201


Downloadable Light Optimization Guides

We have free downloadable light optimization guides to help you choose the optimal lighting for mining industry vehicles such as dump trucks, load haul dump and wheel loaders. The guides contain simulation comparisons of different light setups. Download the guides for free!

LED Lights for Mining Vehicles

In the table below you can see which mining LED lights we recommend for various types of mining vehicles.

Articulated-Truck Articulated Truck
Blast Hole Drill
Bucket Wheel Excavator
Borer / Continuous Miner
Dump Truck
Engine Room
Highwall Miner
Hydraulic / Rope Shovel
Load Haul Dump (LHD)
Rocket Boomer / Drilling Jumbo
Surface Miner
Wheel Loader

These recommendations are intended to provide guidance to assist in the selection of the most suitable NORDIC LIGHTS® LED work light range for your application. It is by no means comprehensive or limiting. Alternatives may be available. If in doubt, please consult with your local NORDIC LIGHTS® representative for more information. Not all products are available in all markets. Illustrations do not necessarily show the design of every version.

Mining Lights Questions and Answers

What kind of LED mining light do I choose for my mining vehicle?

Have a look at our individual vehicle-based light optimization guides for all the latest on this subject!

Why choose NORDIC LIGHTS® mining LED work lights for my mining vehicles?

Our LED work lights are put through rigorous laboratory-based and real-world testing to make sure that they can handle the tough and demanding circumstances of the mining industry.

Where are NORDIC LIGHTS® mining work lights made?

NORDIC LIGHTS@ makes LED lights for heavy-duty vehicles and is a construction, agriculture, material handling, forestry and mining led work light manufacturer from Finland.