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Color Rendering Index of led lights

CRI (Color Rendering Index) of LED lights

CRI, or Color Rendering Index, is a measure of a light’s ability to accurately show the colors of objects compared to daylight. CRI is measured between 0 and 100, with higher values meaning more accurate color rendering. We make work lights with a CRI equal to or over 80. For comparison, the CRI of the sun is 100.

Impacting both safety and productivity, CRI plays a crucial role when picking the right lights for the worksite or individual vehicle.

See details for critical decisions

High CRI LED lights help you distinguish different materials on the construction site and identify minerals down in the underground quarry. On the agricultural side, a high CRI light helps you assess the health of vegetation, or evaluate the quality of harvested crops. In the forest, you can clearly see the markings on logs to avoid mistakes and boost the speed of sorting.

When used as a service light, a high CRI light will help you see different color-coded wires or types of oils when doing maintenance work on a heavy-duty vehicle in the field.

Accurate colors

Operators work faster and more effectively when they can be sure that the lighting on their vehicles shows colors as they appear in daylight. You will avoid accidents caused by inconsistent CRI, and thus reduce downtime and redoing of the same tasks. A high CRI light also helps you navigate the work site by allowing you to see the colors of warning signs and labels correctly.


Good CRI

Apply the benefits of high CRI work lights

Avoid accidents

Accurate color rendering reduces accidents on the work site by making potential hazards clearly visible.

Boost productivity

High CRI lights illuminate subtle color differences so that operators can make the right critical decisions.

Save money

High CRI lights increase cost-effectiveness on the worksite by reducing downtime, accidents, and amount of rework needed.

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