Versatile lighting enables logging truck drivers to do their job safely

Scorpius PRO 445 is the best LED work light in Trailer magazine test

The test jury: “We agree that this is the test winner when all parameters are taken into account.”

The forest industry is dependent on efficient logistics to get enormous amounts of raw material out of the forests. That means that logging trucks are largely used on peripheral roads, often during dark hours in all kinds of weather conditions. Therefore powerful forestry lights are essential in the daily job of logging truck drivers.

In March 2020 the Swedish Trailer magazine conducted a test, including thirteen different models on the market. The test methods were rigorous. The lights were fastened on a stationary ramp and all light images were photographed with an advanced camera to expose differences in colour and light image. The projected light was measured with a lux meter on two specific spots, in the middle and three meters to the right.

“In this test, all the competing work lights gave quite a similar colour temperature, which is daylight or just a little warmer”, explains the jury when the test results are presented in Trailer magazine 3/2020.

Test winning best forestry light

Praise for versatility from the jury

The differences between the competing utility lights became obvious in other aspects of the test. Apart from the light quality, the jury looked closely at properties like durability and size. The compact design of the NORDIC LIGHTS® Scorpius PRO 445 made it the jury’s favourite.

Test winning best work light LED


Scorpius PRO 445


“A solid light with very efficient cooling fins, that enable long working hours even in hot environments. The best compromise between size and light quantity for anyone who wants a light that illuminates very wide and high”, is the jury’s conclusion of the Scorpius PRO 445.

After the lights had been tested in lab conditions, they were installed on logging trucks to be evaluated by professional truck drivers. The Scorpius PRO 445 is generally very highly appreciated as a utility trailer light by professionals for several reasons.

“In our R&D-work we always focus on the user and we create the properties of our products accordingly. That’s also the case with the Scorpius PRO 445”, explains Mattias Wikman, Area Sales Manager at Nordic Lights.

best work and utility light for forest

Efficient cooling gives long lifetime

Daylight is sparse during the winter season in Finland and in the other Nordic countries. Scorpius PRO 445 is developed in those conditions, for multipurpose use, and apart from forestry it is also suitable in mining, agriculture and construction.

“We wanted to create an agreeable light image for professional users, who often work long hours in demanding environments. They normally operate big machines and need a combination of wide and high light image.”

Regarding the jury’s praise for the efficient cooling fins of the Scorpius PRO 445, Wikman says it is a crucial part of the product development at Nordic Lights.

“If you don’t make sure that the electronics have efficient cooling, it will have a negative impact on the lifetime of the product. At the same time you need to keep the cooling system compact. We are very proud of the Scorpius PRO 445 and of the test results in Trailer magazine”, says Mattias Wikman.



Scorpius PRO


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