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Tech Talk

Making outstanding work lights for heavy-duty vehicles

Innovation is the DNA at NORDIC LIGHTS®. Today the company has an astounding number of ground-breaking innovations in its premium product range. This is not to mention all the great heavy-duty lighting products created and manufactured throughout the years.

Through development and a curious mindset, we have gained an extensive know-how in lighting solutions and technology, optics and light patterns, and dampening solutions. Combined with our genuine understanding of the customers’ requirements and regulations, we are happy to assist in the selection of the most suitable NORDIC LIGHTS® LED work lights for any heavy-duty application.

We have our own in-house playground for engineers, featuring a vibration testing lab, light lab, electronics lab and CT scanner where we develop and test our latest products, and find the best heavy-duty lighting solutions possible. This innovative, high-tech power house has experienced many proud moments in its history that have shaped the company into what it is today. So why change a winning concept?