LED Work Lights: LED Lights for Vehicles - NORDIC LIGHTS®

Products Based On Their Durability.

The use of NORDIC LIGHTS® work lights on your heavy-duty equipment is a brilliant choice. You will get superior durability, low maintenance, and the best available technology backed by extensive testing. The light is optimized for the specific equipment or use by different combinations of light patterns, brackets, dampeners and cable connectors.

Choose your LED work light from our extensive product range.


The Unbreakable Master

We aim for perfection. This time, it meant creating something unbreakable. May we introduce our NORDIC LIGHTS® XTR series; premium XTR work lights with an outstanding lifespan and light output up to 7200 lumens. The XTR work lights come equipped with our revolutionary QUAKE dampening system designed to withstand the harshest conditions. With a strength capacity of 20 Grms, the NORDIC LIGHTS® XTR takes protection against shock and vibration to the next level.



The Heavy-Duty Champion

We give you options. For the products in the NORDIC LIGHTS® PRO series we offer a wide range of light patterns and possibilities for customization. The heavy-duty work lights in our NORDIC LIGHTS® PRO series are equipped with die-cast brackets and a dampening system with a strength capacity of up to 15.3 Grms. With light output up to 4200 lumens, the upmarket heavy-duty work lights in our NORDIC LIGHTS® PRO series are tough to beat.


GO series

The Step-It-Up Series

We believe in simplicity. The NORDIC LIGHTS® GO series is aimed at customers who are completely new to our products or would like to enhance their lighting standard from halogen to LED. The GO work lights are suitable for a wide range of applications. In this series, we designed a variety of standard NORDIC LIGHTS® GO models with a long lifespan and low maintenance. Easy to use, the GO work lights have a light output between 1000 and 2300 lumens and a dampening strength capacity of 8 Grms. They are a perfect for a variety of vehicles, including tractors.




The Affordable One

We create sensible solutions like the KL work lights. The products in the NORDIC LIGHTS® KL series are an excellent choice when you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative for your heavy-duty equipment. This go-to product line is developed with both new and existing customers in mind, optimizing basic design and low-maintenance. The KL heavy-duty lights withstand vibration up to 8 Grms and their light output ranges from 300 to 2000 lumens.


Special lights

The Purpose-Built Solutions

The NORDIC LIGHTS® special lights are custom designed to be mounted in engine rooms and on equipment booms, bucket-wheel excavators, harbour masts and more. In this group of heavy-duty special lights, you will find unique special work lights like the gigantic Gemini and the precise Pictor.


Safety lights

State of the Art Warning Lights

Whether used as emergency lights, as early warning lights for approaching vehicles on a forklift in a warehouse, or as a warning light on a tractor, you can be assured that the products in the NORDIC LIGHTS® Safety lights series will fulfil their purpose. Making your work environment safer and more efficient.


Front lights

All-in-One Durable Headlights

Our headlights product family offers both LED and halogen driving lights ideal for heavy-duty vehicles. Our combination headlights integrate headlight, indicator light and parking light in one unit, some also featuring a dual-beam function. These LED and halogen headlights are available with pedestal or rear mounting. The Bumblebee module is available in high and low beam versions, easily adapted to your custom vehicle design. In the headlights heavy-duty product family there are both ECE and SAE approved versions. The NORDIC LIGHTS® headlights are very useful when in need of durable LED headlights for trucks or vehicles within the agriculture and construction industries.


Rear lights

Safe Manoeuvring with Durable Rear Lights

These lights are specifically designed for heavy-duty vehicles in need of durable rear lights. Where incandescent rear lights will fail due to high vibration and shock, the products in the NORDIC LIGHTS® heavy-duty rear lights series will stand the test. They integrate tail, stop and indicator lights all in one unit, and are available in tell-tale compatible versions and in versions without this feature.


Flush mount

Strong Illumination in a Compact Package

The work lights in our flush mount lighting series are a good choice when you’re in need of an upgrade, whether replacing halogen work lights with LEDs or looking for a cost-effective alternative for your heavy-duty equipment. These flush mount work lights are integrated into the body of the application, allowing unobstructed fitting to vehicle panels, toolboxes and service bodies. The flush mount work lights withstand vibration up to 8 Grms and their light output ranges from 1000 to 1500 lumens.



Standard Solution for Basic Needs

The illumination of a HID (Xenon) light is considerably brighter and greater in comparison to halogen lights. The HID work lights also emit less heat and have a considerably longer lifetime than halogen work lights. The NORDIC LIGHTS® HID work lights are top notch among HID work lights.



Standard Solution for Basic Needs

The NORDIC LIGHTS® halogen work lights use only high-quality heavy-duty light bulbs supplied by one of the world’s leading manufacturers. The halogen light technology offers a considerably more affordable solution for your lighting needs. With NORDIC LIGHTS® optics and patented dampening solutions you will get a durable, easily serviceable light, providing a lot of light for your money.