Improve worksite safety, productivity, and boost driver satisfaction. Upgrading your vehicle fleet lighting is an investment with a great ROI.

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Why should vehicle fleet managers care about lights?

Improved lights are not the first thing you think of when contemplating worthwhile vehicle fleet investments. But consider the following benefits our market leading lighting technology grants construction vehicle fleet owners and managers:

Maintenance-free durability

While LED work lights are a step up in price compared to halogen and HID (Xenon) lights, the initial investment pays itself over several times due to the long and hassle-free lifetime of the product. NORDIC LIGHTS® LED lights are virtually maintenance-free. That means no more waiting for replacement bulbs or maintenance crews.

Prepared for Extreme Conditions

Whether you work in the scorching heat, or in frigid cold temperatures, you can rely on our LED lights. Rigorously tested in our in-house laboratory, all of our LED bulldozer lights are overheat-protected and remain fully functional from -40°C (-40°F) up to +85°C (185 °F). Essentially, even if the rest of your equipment overheats, your lights will stay on. NORDIC LIGHTS® LED lights are dustproof, waterproof, shock- and vibration-resistant, and have excellent protection against corrosion.

Improve visibility, improve safety

When operating a heavy duty vehicle, it’s important to have complete 360-degree vision. Depending on machine type and work environment you need to equip it with different sets of lights. Nordic Lights offers glare-free, eye-friendly illumination in all light and weather conditions – something your operators will love.

Easy to install

Furthermore, your new LED lights are easy to connect via the built-in waterproof, high-quality 2-pin Deutsch DT Connector. When used together with the supplied DT-plug, the system is waterproof. No external moisture will creep into the electronics of the light, which over time would cause it to short-circuit.

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Lights with protection against the most extreme shocks and vibrations.

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