Down by 7%


During the last measurement period, the total electricity consumption was 1497 MWh, marking a 7% reduction compared to the previous period. When normalized against revenue (1000 Euros), the electricity consumption per unit of turnover amounted to 24.31 kWh per 1k Euro turnover. This figure represents a 2.5% reduction compared to the previous measurement period.

In addition to emission reduction efforts, Nordic Lights places a strong emphasis on sustainable electricity consumption. All electricity used in manufacturing processes in Finland is sourced from renewable energy, contributing to the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

During 2023 the company succeeded in reducing the total electricity consumption by 7%. The next important measures are planned to be implemented in 2024 and the effect of these will be visible in the results for the 2025 reporting period

Objective for 2024
The company’s goal for the upcoming measurement period is to ensure the output of measures in progress. For 2025 numerical objectives will again be published.


Disclaimer: All calculations presented in the sustainability report pertain to the Nordic Lights Finland factory. Information regarding the production facility in China will be released at a later date.