GHG emissions down by 16 %


Nordic Lights aims to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) as part of its sustainability initiatives. In the preceding year, the company achieved a calculated emission reduction of 16%, with the total GHG emissions amounting to 6763 tons of CO2e. This reduction is measured in comparison to the emissions from the previous year.

When normalized against the company’s revenue, the emissions figure stands at 110 kg per 1000 Euros of revenue. This metric provides an indication of the emissions intensity relative to the financial performance of the company. Notably, emissions reductions on a revenue-adjusted basis amounted to 12%, reflecting the company’s commitment to achieving sustainable practices and mitigating its environmental impact.

A 30% reduction by 2030 vs our 2021 baseline. Within scopes 1 and 2 a 50% reduction.


Disclaimer: All calculations presented in the sustainability report pertain to the Nordic Lights Finland factory. Information regarding the production facility in China will be released at a later date.