Health and safety


Healthy at Work
The duration of healthy working hours at Nordic Lights has shown a positive trend, increasing compared to the previous measurement period.

Our goal is to maintain this figure above 96%.

Lost Time Incident L12M
The Lost Time Incident (LTI) rate at Nordic Lights over the last 12 months is calculated as the number of lost time injuries divided by the total hours worked, excluding commuting, multiplied by 1,000,000. The current rate stands at 2.28 (4.13 PY).

Our objective is to keep this figure below 3, indicating a commitment to maintaining a safe and secure working environment.

TRIF (Total Recordable Incident Frequency)
TRIF is calculated as the number of accidents per million hours worked in the last 12 months, excluding commuting. In the current measurement period, the TRIF is 20.54 (16.52 PY).

Nordic Lights aims to continually improve safety performance, with the goal of reducing this figure and ensuring a safer workplace for all employees.


Disclaimer: All calculations presented in the sustainability report pertain to the Nordic Lights Finland factory. Information regarding the production facility in China will be released at a later date.