Recycling rate 42%


Nordic Lights is dedicated to continuously improving recycling practices in the production of its products, with the current recycling rate standing at approximately 42%. Monitoring recycling through data from resellers and OEM customers is challenging, but efforts are underway to gather more accurate information. The company actively seeks opportunities to incorporate recycled materials, such as recycled plastic, into its manufacturing processes.

Objectives for recycling
The objective is to identify new avenues for recycling and its monitoring, aiming to achieve a recycling rate exceeding 60% in the coming years

Waste generated from manufacturing in the last reporting period amounted to 322,875 kg, with a 1% reduction compared to the previous year. Moving forward, we will report waste consumption relative to revenue, providing a more comprehensive perspective on waste management efficiency.

Objective for 2024
To achieve a recycling rate of 50%


Disclaimer: All calculations presented in the sustainability report pertain to the Nordic Lights Finland factory. Information regarding the production facility in China will be released at a later date.