Fact-finding in the world of racing

NORDIC LIGHTS® is a pioneer in using LED technology and supplying LED work lights for heavy-duty vehicles. But once a pioneer is not necessarily always a pioneer, unless you keep a curious and open mindset. Every now and then you must dive into new areas to create possibilities and stay ahead of change.

One of NORDIC LIGHTS® more recent adventures to explore innovations and manufacturers’ future needs was in the automotive industry, in a collaboration with Rinaldi Racing. This brought us to the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps motor-racing circuit in Belgium, where the Blanc Pain GT 24-hour endurance race took place. We got to see our Scorpius light in action, tested by the Rinaldi Racing team on their two Ferrari 488 GT3’s. In demanding conditions during the 24 hours the whole team performed very well, as did our Scorpius lights.

To read the whole story, stay tuned. We’ll share our insights in the full-length story coming soon!