Nordic Lights receives Internal Logistics award, featured in logistics magazine

​The Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics (LOGY) chose Nordic Lights as the recipient of the Award for Internal Logistics (Sisälogistiikkapalkinto) of 2021.

The award was presented to Nordic Lights specifically for the brave and forward-thinking automation solution AutoStore. The project has developed the component picking, increased production capacity, improved the component picking quality, component storage and picking as well as boosted the overall service level from the customers’ point of view. Additionally, workplace ergonomics and component traceability have been significantly improved.

“In the judges’ decision, they appreciated the fact that Nordic Lights set out to implement the AutoStore solution in time, and at the forefront of the Finnish market. The company understood the need for a comprehensive renewal. The goal was to double the capacity of the production, and the planning of the solution was based on that goal.”, says Chairman of the LOGY Internal Logistics Forum Janne Aikio. “Notable is also the scalability of the solution. Nordic Lights have a ready-made model on how to further develop internal logistics in a production environment.”

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