The CUE is here to rock your world! This ECE-approved front signal light fuses together a Daytime Running Light, Position Light, and Direction Indicator into a sleek-looking piece of engineering goodness. The DRL emits light evenly and in a wide angle, enabling oncoming drivers to see you clearly, regardless of the size of the approaching vehicle.

Daytime Running Light

Position Light

Direction Indicator.

And not only that. We wanted to make CUE the world’s first front signal light with 360-degree vertical mounting. And guess what? We succeeded! The optical design and cooling system of the light have been calculated in order to allow for the light to be mounted at any vertical angle. Literally. Any Angle. You have endless vertical mounting options at your disposal. Paired with Bumblebee, the CUE  is part of our design freedom concept, which is intended to give manufacturers more flexibility and freedom when designing vehicles.

Check out the technical specifications, drawings, and much more here