NEW! Scorpius N4402 WARM

Do you like the classic Scorpius N4402, but prefer to work in a warmer light, or work in a visually demanding environment? This durable work light has all the excellent features of the original Scorpius N4402, with a few tweaks to make it work even better in visually difficult circumstances.

What’s new? The color temperature is significantly warmer, at 2700 Kelvin compared to the Scorpius N4402 original 5700 Kelvin. Why the warmer color temperature? This light has been specifically designed to give the user an advantage in visually demanding circumstances such as dust, rain, fog, or snow. These are all conditions where a warmer color temperature can enhance the visibility for the driver, both from the driver’s seat and through cameras. Combine that with a shock- and vibration-resistant bracket, and this light becomes a perfect fit for applications such as mining, construction, and material handling. In mines, both below and above ground, as well as on construction sites, you are surrounded by dust. While handling material, for example in ports, often means that fog and mist cloud your vision.

The Scorpius N4402 WARM was also designed for those who prefer to work in a warmer light. If you are accustomed to working with Halogen or HID lighting, switching to this light will give you all the additional benefits of an LED light, including durability, long lifetime, and minimum maintenance.

Available in four different light patterns, the Scorpius N4402 WARM comes in at 3600lm and is available NOW!

Scorpius N4402 WARM